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Pressure Drop for Fluid Flow in Pipelines

This module calculates the pressure drop for flow of a fluid through a pipeline. The fluid phase must be a liquid or gas. The calculation considers major losses due to friction and also the pressure drop due to change in elevation of pipeline inlet and outlet. For calculating the friction coefficient, the estimated absolute surface roughness must be specified.

i.e: 500 m3/hr or 100 liter/s

i.e: 32 in or 100 mm

i.e: 0.5 in or 20 mm

i.e: 3500 m or 10 mi

i.e: 0.1 mm or 0.05 in

You can select predifined values: Water @ 20°C

You can select predifined values: Water @ 20°C

i.e: 10m or 20 ft

i.e: 10m or 20ft


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