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Pipe Wall Thickness

This module calculates the minimum required pipe/pipeline wall thickness. The pipeline wall thickness must resist the stresses caused by the internal pressure. Various stresses due to internal pressure are hoop stress, longitudinal stress and the radial stress. Normally the most critical stress is the hoop stress so that the pipe wall thickness should be evaluated from the hoop stress equation.
In addition to the pipeline characteristics and pressure effects, the location class must be specified according to the ASME Standards. Such additional parameter alongside with the type of pipeline product is used in calculating the required wall thickness.

i.e: 20 bar or 300 psi

i.e: 32 in or 100 mm

You can select predifined values: ASTM A36 steel | Steel, API 5L X65 | Stainless steel AISI 302-cold-rolled

Gas Oil

Location Class 1, Division 1
Location Class 1, Division 2
Location Class 2
Location Class 3
Location Class 4


  1. ASME B31.8 (Gas transmission and distribution piping system)
  2. ASME B31.4 (Pipeline transportation systems for liquid hydrocarbons and other liquids)